Should You Get Insurance When Shipping Your Car?


The business of shipping vehicles might sound simple, but it’s not. If you’re the owner of a car that’s on its way to someone far across the country, there are any number of things that can go wrong between that car’s departure and its arrival at a new home. Luckily, you can protect your investment while it’s in transit by purchasing shipping insurance. Continue reading

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Debunking Common Car Myths

Cars have changed a lot in the 130 years since their invention. Automobiles today can travel farther, faster and deliver astounding amenities compared to their horseless-wagon predecessors, and most of the advancements made cars easier to live with.

You could probably pave Route 66 in the list of hoaxes and myths that have been handed down about car ownership over the generations. Many of them have been resolved over the years, thanks to advances in technology or creature comforts, but some of them are simply false.

Check out this video to see a ton of car myths that have now been debunked.

Full Speed Ahead Continue reading

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The Growth of Online Car Sales

With the global economy still in a poor state and many currencies struggling to get back on their feet, you would be forgiven for thinking that car sales would be struggling to maintain their momentum as of late. This however, is not the case; with car sales in numerous countries actually increasing. Demand for vehicles has certainly played a part in the industry’s survival – as people now rely on cars to function in their everyday lives – but one of the other reasons for the continued success for automotive companies is undoubtedly the increased market reach that the internet has provided them with; but just why are so many people turning to the internet to purchase their cars?

Access to Information
Buying online immediately presents consumers with access to customer reviews on specific vehicle models, as well as Continue reading

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5 Tips For Buying, Storing and Restoring Classic Cars

Buying and keeping a classic car can be tricky business. When it comes to buying one, you’ve often got to strike when a good or rare deal presents itself – and sometimes this sometimes means making an unplanned purchase. If you don’t have the space or facilities to store your vintage vehicle, it’ll be left standing in the street or hogging your entire garage while your day-to-day car sits outside every night. Another factor that classic car collectors need to consider is restoration and selecting the right company to get your new car looking as good as the day it was made. So what are your options if you find yourself in this predicament? Continue reading

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What to do if a shipping company loses your car keys

“The good news is your car arrived…the bad is your car keys didn’t!”

If this should happen to you would you know what to do? Would you know who to call? This article takes a look at the options available for replacing lost car keys and suggests ways to ensure your keys travel securely.

Ways to replace a car key that has been lost in shipping

Option 1: Call the main dealer:

Main dealer garages can supply a replacement key for most cars. They will need you to visit their garage with your V5 and proof of ID. Continue reading

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Storing Your Car When Moving to A New State

This is a guest blog post by AAAA Auto Storage & Park

Being in the Navy means moving around pretty frequently. When you are planning to move there is much to think about and many steps that go into planning for arrival at your new home. Often you will be moved to your new command via airplane and will need to have your car transported to you after your arrival. A good way to do this is to have it transported overseas.

There may be a short period of time where you need to have your car put into storage before you are ready to have it shipped to your new home. Regardless of if you are moving from California to Washington or to somewhere further across country it is important to make sure whoever you choose will take care of your car during storage and transportation. When you are searching for a place to store your car there are a lot of important things to take into consideration.

Continue reading

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How to Find a Legit Auto Transport Company

There are many companies that ship cars within the USA. Just do a Google search and you’ll see a plethora of car shipping companies. While the Google/Yahoo/Bing search results display auto transport companies, many of the are simply lead generation companies. These lead generation companies offer 5-10 quick quotes. They say things like, “Let the companies fight over your business.” While that sounds great to a person who has never shipped a car before, one must be careful because in the auto shipping industry, cheapest is not always the best. If you end up paying too cheap, you risk the chance that your car will be delayed.

Ultimately the transport truck drivers do the shipping. Almost ALL of them work as contractors and they want to make money. Factoring in rising gas prices, the transport truck drivers normally only pick up cars that make financial sense to them. You can learn more about how the auto transport industry works.

Continue reading

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Auto Shipping Brokers + Contracted Truck Drivers.

In today’s post, we will be talking about the process of how auto shipping brokers work and how they contract their drivers. A person who seeks to ship a car must always remember that in this industry, cheaper is not always better. In a moment you’ll understand why.

Although technology has greatly influenced the efficiency of the auto transport industry, there are many aspects that have caused truck drivers to flourish and others to struggle. The common truck driver is not too good at using computers, Andriod/iPhone Apps, tabs or other devices. Most transport truck drivers own their own truck and get whatever business they can since they work independently. Continue reading

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Shipping Heavy Machinery Across US or to Canada

Shipping heavy machinery across long distances

Heavy machinery shipping is completely different than any other type of vehicle shipping. It’s a slower process and more dangerous than loading boats, cars, or RVs.

Depending on the size of the heavy machinery, you may need to get a permit from the state especially if you’re going to be on the freeway. You can often see this when there is a red flag hanging off the tail end of the tow truck. Normally a pickup truck follows and has flashing lights warning people that there’s a “wide load” ahead. This process is simple when the driver of the heavy machinery can just drive up the ramp and chain down the construction vehicle on the transport truck (usually a flatbed).

But what if the heavy machinery is still too big to ship whole? Continue reading

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