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Ship A Car to North Carolina

We specialize in door-to-door auto transport. Our trucker will show up at your front door and deliver your car to any door in the USA. We offer open transport trucks and closed transport trucks.

America’s #1 Auto Shipping Company

America’s #1
Auto Shipping Company

Shipping a car to North Carolina? We specialize in delivering and picking up cars in Raleigh, Charlotte, and Wilmington. AA Auto Transport Shipping has years of experience, making it seamless for our drivers to handle various vehicle types in North Carolina, particularly Raleigh.

Whether you’re relocating to North Carolina, we can pick up your car from anywhere in the USA and deliver it to the port of your choice in the Old North State. Get an instant quote by filling out our online form . Just provide your model and year type–no commitment required. Or call us at 888-347-1391 to get started.

Ideal Car Shipping Partner in North Carolina

Understanding the ins and outs of North Carolina auto transport is crucial, especially with the rise of lead generation websites. Unlike these platforms, our lasting relationships with drivers ensure reliable service, avoiding inflated prices and unfulfilled promises. Experience the difference by requesting a car shipping quote from us.

Open and Enclosed Transport Trucks

North Carolina Auto Transport: Best AA Auto Transport Services

Open Transport

Experience our cost-effective and efficient open-car transport service for outstanding results. Using a truck and trailer, we quickly and securely transport your vehicle and others, prioritizing safety despite exposure.

A widely employed and cost-effective method in the US, ideal for sedans and minivans. Transport trucks efficiently handle 5 to 10 vehicles, minimizing overall shipping expenses.

North Carolina Auto Transport: Best AA Auto Transport Services

Enclosed Transport

AA Auto Transport specializes in enclosed door-to-door transport designed for luxury cars like Ferraris and Bentleys. Our advanced trailers include innovative features such as E-track flooring, climate control hauling, and advanced ramps to guarantee a secure journey.

Pricier yet perfect for luxury, exotic, specialty, or vintage cars. Minimizes risk by shielding the vehicle from the elements and offers peace of mind through specialized equipment for loading and unloading.

Explore Our North Carolina Auto Shipping Options


  • An economical choice for unloading multiple cars at designated locations.
  • Streamlined unloading reduces both time and fuel consumption.


  • Convenient option, albeit slightly pricier.
  • Pickup and delivery take place at specified locations for the recipient’s convenience.

Combination (Door-to-Station/Station-to-Door)

  • Flexible option allowing customization of shipping preferences.
  • Ideal for minimizing inconvenience to others during the shipping process.
North Carolina Auto Transport: Best AA Auto Transport Services

Why choose AA Auto Transport for Shipping to North Carolina?

Here are the reasons you would love our services in North Carolina:

  • We use state-of-the-art loading equipment and trucks.
  • You get instant quotes online or via phone.
  • You enjoy online tracking of your shipment in many cases.
  • We offer competitive rates for door-to-door transport.
  • We’ve been a reliable and specialized car shipper since 1983.
  • We won’t sell your contact info like some lead generation companies.
  • We provide safe, secure shipping with a BBB A+ Rating.

Get North Carolina auto transport with confidence and experience the excellence of our services! Select AA Auto Transport for a hassle-free car shipping experience.

Request a quick quote online or reach out to us at 888-347-1391.