The Car Shipping Process – What to Look for in a Car Shipping Company

Before getting a million different quotes from lead generation companies, it is important to understand your options. We know you have many choices and we want you to know what to look for in a car shipping company. That way no matter who you choose, you get great & reliable service. First thing is first, make sure it’s a real car shipping company with an office and staff like us! We are not a lead generation company who will sell your private information to a bunch of people who in-turn spam your inbox. Our transport truck drivers have worked with us for nearly 30 years. They run their own routes all over the United States and have a solid track record; on-time every-time. They are fully licensed and insured; therefore, you can be assured your car will arrive safely to its destination. Our transport truck drivers work very hard shipping cars across country many times per year and sometimes in harsh weather conditions. So here is where we separate ourselves from the rest of the car shipping companies. Most people who are shipping a car for the first time have no idea of how the car shipping industry works. While there are some full scale car shipping companies like us, many of the top ranking websites on search engines are not companies at all. They are no different than a lead generation company for the auto insurance industry who says, “Get 10 quotes and let the drivers fight over your business.” Those drivers have to pay $15/lead so they “must” raise their price. We know this because those lead generation websites approach us to buy their leads all the time. So what happens is that all the small car shipping companies who bought those leads are forced to over-promise and under-deliver just to be able to survive. With us, you won’t have to worry about that because we have kept our truck drivers happy through 3 recessions! They will do anything for us. That’s the difference. Get a car shipping quote and see the difference for yourself. Visit our other sites if you need to ship a car to Canada or ship a motorcycle in general.

Car Shipping Methods & When To Use Them

exposed-auto-shippingOpen Auto Shipping - The image to the left illustrates an open transport truck. This is the most common type of car shipping method in the US. Generally, it is also the least expensive! This car shipping method is widely used for shipping vehicles like sedans and minivans. Many car manufacturers use the open auto shipping method simply to reduce costs. It is a safe and cost effective method. Our transport trucks normally carry as many as 9-10 cars at a time and as few as 5 cars. The transport truck driver will load and unload vehicles while shipping cars across country. In addition, since we are able to fill these transport trucks to full capacity, it lowers the over all shipping costs when running routes across the US and Canada. Enclosed Car ShippingEnclosed Auto Shipping- Many of our customers who use an enclosed transport truck ship luxury, exotic, specialty, or vintage cars. The cost of this shipping method is higher, but the risk factor is greatly reduced. By using this car shipping method, the vehicle will not be exposed to the elements. Shipping a car across country using enclosed car shipping is ideal if a person has a slightly higher budget. The car will normally be shipped along with 2 couple other vehicles. A special ramp or lift-gate  is used to get the cars into the transport truck.  You can expect to have peace-of-mind when using the enclosed car shipping method.  Station-to-Station - By using the station-to-station auto shipping service, your car shipping rates will be reduced because the driver can meet you at a location where many it's easy to unload cars. It is fast and safe to unload many cars at once so this saves the transport truck driver valuable time. When using this option, other people receiving their cars may be there. The greatest benefit is your bottom line will be reduced because less gas and time are used. Door-to-Door - This car shipping service is a little more expensive, but the obvious advantage is the person receiving the car doesn't lose time. We can pick up the car from one door and ship the car across country to another door. This is especially great for the busy person because the car can be shipped to somebody's place of work; therefore, the receiver doesn't have to wait all day at home. Combination (Door-to-Station/Station-to-Door) - When filling out the car shipping rates form, you can elect to ship a car from door-to-station or vice versa. A special note must be sent to us so we can send the correct quote accordingly. Many customers use this car shipping service when they don't want to inconvenience  anyone else.  This can be used with both open auto shipping as well as enclosed auto shipping.

Why Choose Us Over the Competition?

As a professional car shipping company with 29 years of experience, our operations are streamlined to ensure our customers receive high quality auto shipping. You will always know where your car is and you can call us anytime. We are a real company! We are not a lead generation company who will sell your information to 10 different high priced companies. You will get our rock bottom pricing along with great service. Our relationships with our drivers keep us in constant contact. Our operations are massive which has allowed economies-of-scale to benefit the customer with SUPER low pricing. We ship cars across country and to Canada, just to give you the scope of our operations. We are a fully licensed car shipping company with 15 full time staff members. Everyone has their specialty from the initial call to the delivery. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Even when something goes wrong, like a delay, we call the customer to let them know ahead of time. Open communication is one of our keys to maintaining high customer satisfaction. Our transport truck drivers are very diligent and have been working with us for many years. We always have contact with them. We can provide the lowest car shipping rates because scale of our operations.
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