Growth of Online Car Sales + Car Shipping

The Growth of Online Car Sales

With the global economy still in a poor state and many currencies struggling to get back on their feet, you would be forgiven for thinking that car sales would be struggling to maintain their momentum as of late. This however, is not the case; with car sales in numerous countries actually increasing. Demand for vehicles has certainly played a part in the industry’s survival – as people now rely on cars to function in their everyday lives – but one of the other reasons for the continued success for automotive companies is undoubtedly the increased market reach that the internet has provided them with; but just why are so many people turning to the internet to purchase their cars?

Access to Information
Buying online immediately presents consumers with access to customer reviews on specific vehicle models, as well as

the sites and traders that are available to buy from. You are also much more likely to find information regarding important features such as road safety statistics, crash test results and child protection scores; information which may at times be held back by sales people at a face-to-face dealership. While some were initially put off by not being able to physically see and touch the cars before purchasing, virtual tours and panoramic views have greatly reduced this problem by increasing the realism of viewing a vehicle online.

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Time Saving
Opting to buy a car online allows you to bypass the dense and often overwhelming sales pitch from the retailer. You can search for the cars you want, find all the information you need in one place and make an informed decision from the comfort of your own home; no longer having to search dozens of dealerships on the off-chance that you find what you are looking for. It also means that any required financing and aftermarket products such as warranties can be organised before the purchase takes place, cutting out any unwanted hassle once the car is yours.

Increased Choice and Access
Perhaps the best feature of buying online is the sheer range of options that become available to you. Not only can you purchase vehicles from all over your own country but from all over the world, by arranging to have your car shipped to you; once again all taken care of via the internet.
Vehicles like the Toyota RAV4 are designed to appeal to as broad an audience as possible by combining the space and power of an SUV with the fuel economy and control of a compact car. Thanks to online traders, this potential can be realised, allowing all market segments in all territories easy access to the vehicles that suit their needs. This therefore benefits not only the consumers but the manufacturers as well, by boosting their sales potential.

Precision and Value
By having access to virtually any model, past or present, that is available on the market, consumers can find the exact vehicle they have always dreamed of for the best possible price without having to compromise. Your local dealership not having the car you want no longer has to mean you cannot get a hold of it. Thanks to the internet, no car lover has to settle for second best anymore.

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