What to do if a shipping company loses your car keys

“The good news is your car arrived…the bad is your car keys didn’t!”

If this should happen to you would you know what to do? Would you know who to call? This article takes a look at the options available for replacing lost car keys and suggests ways to ensure your keys travel securely.

Ways to replace a car key that has been lost in shipping

Option 1: Call the main dealer:

Main dealer garages can supply a replacement key for most cars. They will need you to visit their garage with your V5 and proof of ID.

They will order you a new key from the vehicles chassis number that will fit your locks. When the key arrives you will have to recover your car to their workshop for the key to be programmed and matched to the car. Be prepared to wait up to 5 days for the key to arrive in with the dealer.

Option 2: Call a mobile auto locksmith:

An auto locksmith is a specialist type of locksmith that will come to your car and make a new key while you wait. The locksmith will safely unlock the vehicle and then remove a lock to see how the key needs to be cut. They will then code the new key to the car with specialist diagnostic equipment. This is the quickest solution but may cost a little more than other options.

Option 3: Source a key from eBay:

If you are looking to save cash you could possibly purchase a blank key from eBay or other similar online stores. This is only really an option if you are hands-on and prepared to remove a lock from your car. A good locksmith shop will be able to take your lock apart and cut your key to fit. Remember most cars built after 2000 will have a factory fitted immobiliser meaning the key will need to be coded to start the vehicle. Some key coding software can be found online and downloaded but in most cases you will need to pay a dealer or an auto locksmith to code the key.

Make sure you have a spare key

It may sound like common sense but make sure you get a spare key BEFORE shipping your vehicle. Some keys can be cloned and copied very easily and at a low price. It makes great sense to get a copy of your car key and keep it in a safe place. This way if your shipping company misplaces the key its not such a huge deal as you have a back-up. Most high street locksmith shops will be able to clone basic car keys and make a duplicate while you wait. Some vehicle keys are more advanced however, and may need programming to the car. If your local locksmith shop is unable to copy your key we suggest calling out a mobile auto locksmith who can come to you and match a new key up to your car.

Author Bio – This article was written by Mark Migliaccio from replacement car key specialists www.theautolocksmith.co.uk