We have sailings twice per week to Alaska by boat. Twice weekly, consistent day-of-the-week service between Tacoma, Anchorage and Kodiak
Trucking to AK only in the summer months.

Many people who ship a car to Alaska do it for work purposes. People in the US military and fishing industry are primarily the ones who end up shipping cars to Alaska. We have many transport trucks coming back and forth from Alaska and the Continental US. Our long lasting & close relationship with our Alaskan transport truck drivers enables us to minimize costs for our customers. Since we are able to continuously keep the transport trucks full, it spreads the fuel costs across many cars. Many of our Alaskan truck drivers run routes up the West Coast US though Canada all the way to Alaska while others run routes from the East Coast and Mid-West. Anchorage is the main city in Alaska where we transport cars to. Delivering a car to or from any city between Anchorage and the Continental US can be done with no problem. This can help reduce the cost of shipping a car to Alaska. The furthest north we go is Fairbanks or to the Eielson Airforce Base

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We Offer 3 Car Shipping Services:

car shipping to AlaskaDoor-to-Door Car Shipping to Alaska

Door-to-Door car shipping is an option when you submit your quote. Simply let us know what address the car needs to be shipped to. We can ship a car to any house in Alaska. Many people prefer to use door-to-door car shipping to Alaska because it saves the customer time. Whoever is going to get the car can relax while watching TV until the transport truck arrives at their house. The image to the right shows a typical delivery to someone’s house. Deliveries and pick-ups from house in Alaska are common and the most efficient form of car transport for the customer. Our transport truck drivers will have no problem picking up or dropping off a car in a neighborhood as long as there is ample space in the street.

Station-to-Station Car Shipping to Alaska

The customer can opt to meet with the transport truck driver at a station. Normally in big cities there are large lots where truck drivers from many industries can rest. However in Alaska, there aren’t very many areas that are so populated where our truck driver would need to meet at a station. This service is normally used when the transport truck driver cannot easily deliver the car like a downtown, apartment complexes, and busy streets.

Door-to-Station Car Shipping to Alaska

Door to station is a car shipping service we rarely use when shipping a car to Alaska, but we do give our customers an option if it suits their needs. What determines whether or not a truck station is used is the address the customer wants their vehicle delivered. Normally station pickups and drop-offs are used in high traffic areas. Oftentimes its no cheaper than using opting for door-to-door car shipping. If shipping a car to Alaska, door to station delivery is commonly used in places like downtown Anchorage because of the street traffic and possibly blocking parked cars.

Alaska Car Shipping Methods

Car shipping to Alaska costs can vary depending on the time frame and car shipping method. Below are two methods used to ship a car to Alaska.

Open Transport Truck

The open transport truck car shipping method is normally the cheaper method. The reason is we are able to load the transport trucks to its maximum. It helps to reduce the fuel costs and split it between 9 to 10 other vehicles. Its a safe and often used car shipping method. Many of our transport truck drivers who ship cars to Alaska run routes using open transport trucks like the one shown on the right. Numerous car dealers and manufacturers use open transport trucks to move their vehicles. It’s almost always the most cost effective car shipping method. Sedans, minivans, and SUVs are often loaded onto open transport trucks.

Ship car to Alaska via enclosed truck

Enclosed Transport Truck – Customers shipping a car to Alaska using enclosed transport trucking are normally shipping a specialty, exotic, or luxury car. Enclosed Transport Trucking is oftentimes more expensive when compared to open transport trucking, but it does offer some advantages over the open transport truck method. Nearly all risk from natures elements are eliminated. Only 2 or 3 vehicles can fit inside an enclosed transport truck so it reduces the time to offload the vehicle.

The picture to your left clearly illustrates a specialty racing car being loaded onto a transport truck. High valued cars are commonly shipped inside enclosed transport trucks.

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