From its agritourism and wineries to top-rated zoos and professional sports teams, Oklahoma is a destination on the map many people look to visit. Some even may the big decision to move to Oklahoma, whether for business or pleasure. While Oklahoma offers so much to see and do, getting your car there is another matter entirely. Count on us to help, providing hassle-free car shipping through out trusted transport truck drivers who run their routes through Oklahoma on a regular basis. They also run through major cities across the country including: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and many more. We have valuable relationships with our transport truck drivers that make shipping a car to Oklahoma a cost efficient option.

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We Offer 3 Car Shipping Services:

car shipping to OkalhomaDoor-to-Door Car Shipping to Oklahoma

Customers who live in residential areas with lots of street room to maneuver trucks may choose the door-to-door car shipping option, ideal for those who want minimum hassle. Once you receive our low shipping quote, provide us with the pick up or delivery address and we’ll get our transport driver over there as soon as possible. As long as our drivers have room to safely and easily pick up or drop off your car, the door-to-door option is your best bet. Just sit back and relax as our drivers carefully load your car, shown in the photo to the right. Home deliveries to Oklahoma, an efficient form of car transport, give you peace of mind.

Station-to-Station Car Shipping to Oklahoma

If you live in a cramped downtown area or apartment building, go with our station-to-station option, choosing to meet with a transport truck drivers at a mutually agreeable time and location. This typically involves large lots where truck drivers from many industries can rest. There are many across the US, so finding one near you is easy. Customers opt for this service if it’s determined our transport truck drivers can’t easily navigate in the road in front of your home, such as in a city center or apartment building.

Door-to-Station Car Shipping to Oklahoma

Door to station or station to door car shipping services comprise our third option, which effectively combines the two other services. This offers the most flexibility for our customers depending on their unique requirements. The pick up or delivery address is the deciding factor in choosing which combination to go with. Keep in mind that station pickups and drop-offs are typically utilized in heavy traffic areas, and it’s often the same price as door-to-door car shipping. When you decide to ship your car to Oklahoma, consider door-to-station delivery for downtown or city center residences.

Oklahoma Car Shipping Methods

Cost calculations for shipping a car to Oklahoma depend on your suggested timeline and your chosen shipping method.

Open Transport trucking to Oklahoma
Open Transport Truck

For the least impact on your wallet, you may want to go with the open transport truck option. Because our drivers can fit up to 10 cars in a truck at once, this reduces time and fuel expenses overall. This max capacity option is safe, reliable, and efficient. Our transport truck drivers, who ship cars to Oklahoma all the time, usually run their routes utilizing an open transport truck such as that on your right. You may have seen these types of trucks used by car manufacturers and dealerships. If you have a standard sedan or minivan, the open transport truck option is the most cost efficient.

specialty car shipping to Oklahoma

Enclosed Transport Truck

Using an enclosed transport truck to ship a car to Oklahoma is specifically for customers who have a specialty, exotic, or high-end luxury car. It does cost more but the benefits outweigh the cost factor. The environmental impact is lessened with enclosed transport trucks, and because your car is out of the weather for the trip, you can rest easy it’s getting the care it deserves. Plus, only 2 or 3 vehicles can fit inside the truck at once so you’ll find there’s a reduction in offload time.

Check out the photo on the left to see how your specialty racing car would be loaded onto an enclosed transport truck. This is the best option for those who have high-end vehicles.

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