New Mexico is one of the most desirable places to live in the country, and rightly so. From its cuisine and museums to scenic byways and archeology, many people choose to move here from all over the US. But to get their car shipped to New Mexico, you must arrange shipping for your car. Thankfully, you can rely on our many transport truck drivers who run routes through this and other states quite frequently. This is all due to strong business ties with our reliable truck drivers, who drive from the East Coast to West Coast and even into Canada starting from New Mexico. In fact, some of the major cities where our truck drivers go through include Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and many more, which does lessen the overall cost of shipping a car to New Mexico.

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We Offer 3 Car Shipping Services:

Door-to-Door Car Shipping to New Mexico

Door-to-door car shipping is one option our valued customers can choose. It’s quite easy: just give us the pertinent address information upon receiving your quote from us, then kick back and go about your business. Our experience transport truck drivers will come to your home and provide delivery or pick up of your car, a service to any house in New Mexico. This is a preferable method over others due to its supreme convenience, as you can even watch TV or clean the house all day until our drivers arrive. No complicated meetings, no logistics hassles. A typical residential home delivery looks like the situation in the right-hand picture, posing the most efficient form of car transport for our customers provided there is ample street room for the drivers to pick up or drop off cars.

Station-to-Station Car Shipping to New Mexico

An alternative that may be attractive to customers living in congested city centers is the station-to-station option. Using this service, you can meet with the transport truck driver at a station or trucker parking lots, which are fairly common throughout the US. Because the cost of using the station-to-station service vs. door-to-door comes at convenience, you’ll use this type of service for cramped street areas where a transport truck driver cannot easily deliver or pick up the car, such as an apartment complex.

Door-to-Station Car Shipping to New Mexico

Or, you can choose to go with a combination of the above two, with door to station (or vice versa) car shipping service, which gives our customers the option that best suits their individual needs. The determining factor depends on the pick up or delivery address in question, so if you live in a heavily congested area, such as within a tight downtown area, it may be best to go with station pickups and drop-offs. No cheaper than door-to-door car shipping, customers living in city centers often choose this combo method when shipping a car to New Mexico.

New Mexico Car Shipping Methods

When we calculate the cost of shipping a car to New Mexico, we take into account several factors, such as your timeline and your desired shipping method.

Open Transport Truck

This is the cheapest method. Why? Your car is loaded onto a large open truck, similar to that used by car dealerships, along with up to 9 other cars. This, in turn, cuts down on gas expenses. This safe shipping method is reliable and convenient, as our truckers who ship cars to New Mexico often run the same routes throughout the country over and over. An example of an open transport truck can be seen to your right. Use this cost efficient option when shipping sedans, minivans, and some luxury cars.

Enclosed Transport Truck

Customers looking to ship a high-end luxury or specialty car to New Mexico may decide to go with the enclosed transport truck, which is more expensive than an open transport truck but affords many benefits too. Because your car is loaded carefully onto the truck, sharing space with only a couple others, it’s covered for the entire trip and out of the elements.

You’ll see from the left-hand picture what we mean by safely loading your racing car onto the enclosed truck. Highly valuable vehicles are best off in an enclosed truck due to the extra care and storage.

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