Known for its trails and byways, history and heritage, and bustling music and arts scene, Tennessee is a typical example of life in the USA, attracting many people to live within its borders. If you’re thinking of moving here, one of the things you’ll have to do is arrange shipping for your car if you don’t plan on driving it yourself. That’s where we come in to pick up the slack. Because many people ship cars to Tennessee from their residences all over the US, we offer a cost effective option thanks to our partnerships with transport truck drivers, who already drive clear across the country from West to East Coast and even into Canada. In turn, we rely on their services to pick up and drop off your car at the desired location while they pass through major cities such Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville. As a result, we offer low, low rates for shipping your car to Tennessee.

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We Offer 3 Car Shipping Services:

open car shipping to TennesseeDoor-to-Door Car Shipping to Tennessee

When you rely on our door to door car shipping option, you enlist to have the transport truck driver come to your residence, where he can easily perform pick up or delivery of your car. The process works pretty easily. Simply give us the address after receiving our car shipping quote online or over the phone, and we’ll arrange all the details, as we ship vehicles to anywhere in Tennessee. Preferable for many because it doesn’t take up the whole day, this is the one you should choose provided you have ample room in front of your home for our drivers to easily pick up or drop off your car. A typical residential car delivery is shown in the picture to the right.

Station-to-Station Car Shipping to Tennessee

If space is limited in front of your house, you may have no choice other than to use the station to station service to meet up with a driver at a mutual location. This can take place at one of the many trucking parking lots near you, which we can help coordinate as well. Big cities are small on street space, and therefore utilizing a station is the best option. The station to station option is typical of situations where the transport truck driver cannot easily deliver your car, so choose this if you live downtown.

Door-to-Station Car Shipping to Tennessee

When customers choose a combination of our door to station (or vice versa) car shipping service, they may have special requirements forcing them to utilize both methods. To that end, the determining factor in whether a trucker station is utilized for transfer is the pick up or delivery address. For station pickups and drop-offs, you may live in a congested downtown area and cannot guarantee the driver will have enough room for pick up or delivery. You’re best off selecting this option when shipping a car to Tennessee.

Tennessee Car Shipping Methods

When calculating what a Tennessee car shipment will cost you total, take into account time frame and shipping method.

open transport trucking to TennesseeOpen Transport Truck

Those who have standard sedans, minivans and other vehicles may find this affordable option works best due to the max capacity of the trucks. Our drivers can fit up to 10 cars on one truck, thereby reducing the fuel expenses overall, fully utilizing open transport trucks, as do car manufacturers and dealers. These trucks are the most commonly used when transport trucking drivers run their regular routes.

safe car shipping to Tennessee

Enclosed Transport Truck

Those who have specialty cars with requirements of sheltering their vehicle at all times from the weather may want to go with enclosed transport trucking. More expensive, it also gives you the benefit of having your luxury vehicle stored, transported, and delivered in the safest way when deciding to ship your exotic car to Tennessee. This means you are ensuring lessened environmental risk, extra care, and quicker offload times due to a smaller amount of cars on board.

You’ll see to your left how we load this specialty racing vehicle onto the truck, a desirable option when transporting your valuable vehicle.


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