Pennsylvania, a favorite destination of many, features several well-known attractions, such as Valley Forge, famed for its Revolutionary War-era ties. Plus, you’ll find large cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, home to professionals sports teams, museums, nightlife, and more. The state’s farming regions, coupled with its Amish country, make Pennsylvania a desirable place to live. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the idea of shipping your car here, look to us for assistance. We can enlist the help of our many transport truck drivers to pick up and drop off your car during their regular runs from East Coast to West Coast and beyond into Canada. As they pass by, they hit a bunch of major cities, including Pittsburgh, Reading, Allentown and many more. Shipping your car to Pennsylvania in this fashion translates to fuel efficiency savings.

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We Offer 3 Car Shipping Services:

car shipping to PennsylvaniaDoor-to-Door Car Shipping to Pennsylvania

Our premium door-to-door service is highly sought after due to its high convenience factor for homeowners. Provided our customers feature enough space in front of their house for our truck drivers to successfully perform car pickups and deliveries, they may enjoy this option. There’s nothing for them to do but wait at home for the truck driver to arrive, once we receive an address after notification of quote. Thankfully for our customers, we can easily ship a car to anywhere in Pennsylvania, with a typical home delivery illustrated at the right. This is a perfect option for those residing in uncongested residential areas.

Station-to-Station Car Shipping to Pennsylvania

If you don’t have the luxury of a wide open space in your neighborhood, you may instead decide to meet our truck driver at a mutual location usually at a large parking lot somewhere near you. This affords our drivers with more flexibility in terms of getting the car onto and off the truck. Meeting at a large parking lot or station, rather than a cramped residential area or apartment complex, can alleviate the burden of complicated deliveries.

Door-to-Station Car Shipping to Pennsylvania

A third alternative is to choose to combine both door to station or station to door services to meet your needs. With the flexibility of both the above options, we can let you know the best course of action once we know the address. Those living in a congested downtown area or within an apartment building who are moving to an open residential neighborhood should elect the trucker station option for pick up of the car and the door option for delivery of the car. When shipping your car to Pennsylvania, be sure to take these options into consideration.

Pennsylvania Car Shipping Methods

The price tag for the shipment of a car to Pennsylvania weighs on timeframe and shipping method.

open car shipping to PennsylvaniaOpen Transport Truck

For a cost effective alternative, elect the open transport truck option for transport of your car to Pennsylvania. Because it involves splitting the cost between about 10 cars on one truck, the cost is lessened due to the spreading out of gas expenses. The picture to the right illustrates what an open transport truck looks like. You may find it looks just like the ones that car manufacturers and dealerships use for long-term transport of minivans, SUVs, sports cars, and sedans.

enclosed car shipping to Pennsylvania

Enclosed Transport Truck

Don’t trust your shiny sports car or antique car to just any shipping method. Enlist the help of a closed transport truck, which shelters your vehicles from the elements and ensures safer shipping. Coupled with another car or two, your car will be safely stowed away for the trip, ensuring it arrives without damage. This option is more expensive but you will be thankful for the extra peace of mind.

This specialty racing car is being loaded carefully onto an enclosed truck for shipping. This is the ideal option to for owners of high-end luxury cars.

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