New Hampshire, with its motto of Live Free or Die and its quaint towns, offers a comfortable place to live. One of the six New England states, New Hampshire features tax-free shopping, covered bridges, scenic mountains, and antiquing. So you can see why many people choose New Hampshire as their desired place to live, shipping their cars here from anywhere in the country. It’s a good thing we have many transport truck drivers who pass through the state regularly, able to pick up your car on their way through many major cities, such as Concord, Manchester, Rochester and more. Our tried-and-true business relationship with our truck drivers allows us to present this cost efficient and handy method of car shipping to New Hampshire.

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We Offer 3 Car Shipping Services:

car shipping to New HampshireDoor-to-Door Car Shipping to New Hampshire

So you’re looking for affordable, convenient rates…check out our door-to-door car shipping upon receiving your quote from us. Once you decide on this option, provide us with the address of where the car is to be shipped. Thankfully for you, we can ship a car to any house in New Hampshire, provided there is plenty of room in the street in front of your home. If not, our transport truck drivers may have a problem picking up or dropping off your car. Nothing else is required from you, just wait for our truck drivers to arrive on the day in question. Similar to the scene in the right-hand photo, the drivers will safely load your car onto the truck, completing this efficient home delivery option.

Station-to-Station Car Shipping to New Hampshire

If your house is located in a heavy traffic areas or tight side streets, such as downtown, pick the station to station method. This is designed for those situations where our drivers can’t easily maneuver in the street for effective car delivery or pickup. Instead, you can meet with the transport truck driver at a station location conveniently located near you, of which there are many, especially in large cities. We suggest using this station to station service for those times when cramped city centers make for a difficult or impossible car transfer.

Door-to-Station Car Shipping to New Hampshire

But when only a combination of the above two choices will do, go with the door to station (or vice versa) option. With such a convenient mixture of shipping services, you get the most effective and flexible option for your unique situation. If you live in an area where there’s no on-street parking, you may have to meet a driver at a station for pickup or drop off instead so that’s there more room to maneuver. This option allows you to customize your plan to include both methods, largely dependent on the pick up or delivery address, when shipping your vehicle to New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Car Shipping Methods

Total costs depend on many factors, most notably the time frame, duration of the trip, and the car shipping method that’s best for you.

open transport trucking to New HampshireOpen Transport Truck

The open transport truck option is our most affordable option, plus it’s the one most people use. It will save you money because we are able to fill up the transport trucks to max capacity, slashing the fuel costs because so many cars are loaded on board. With this safe shipping method, your car shares a truck with up to 10 others, a great way to ship cars to New Hampshire. A typical open transport truck is shown in the right-hand photo. It many look familiar because it’s the type of truck typically used by car dealerships for transport of sedans and minivans.

specialty car shipping to New Hampshire

Enclosed Transport Truck

When you own a shiny new luxury car, you want to keep it that way. So, selecting the enclosed transport truck is wise because your car is kept from the elements for the entire trip. Plus, it offers less time consuming offloading time due to the fact that only a few cars are on board at once. Rest assured your specialty or exotic car is always treated with the utmost care and attention with this transport method.

In the picture to your left, see how we carefully get this racing car up the ramp and safely into the enclosed transport truck, an ideal option for valuable vehicles. You won’t be sorry you spent a little more on this method.

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