What’s great about Minnesota? It’s certainly one of the most desirable places to live in the country, with many choosing to move there. The state abounds in nature, birding, theme parks, caves, family-friendly museums, and theater. As part of a customer’s moving challenge, shipping a car to Minnesota across country is something we can take care of. Just leave it all up to us. We can coordinate with our many transport truck drivers who drive through the state all the time, utilizing strong business relationships with our dependable truck drivers, many of whom run routes from coast to coast on a weekly basis. There are many major cities our truck drivers pass through regularly, such as Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, Rochester and many more. Hitching a car ride in this manner leads to reduction in overall cost of vehicle shipping to Minnesota.

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We Offer 3 Car Shipping Services:

car shipping to MinnesotaDoor-to-Door Car Shipping to Minnesota

Upon receiving your quote regarding shipping costs, let us know where your car is to be shipped. Keep in mind we can ship a car anywhere in Minnesota, so give us the details and sit back to wait for our driver to arrive at your door. It doesn’t take up the whole day, so feel free to watch TV until the transport truck arrives, with a typical home delivery illustrated to the right. Home deliveries, certainly a most efficient form of car transport, require that there be ample room in the street in front of your home so that our transport truck drivers can easily pick up and drop off cars.

Station-to-Station Car Shipping to Minnesota

Using this option allows our customers to meet at a station for pick up and drop off of their car with a transport truck driver. These stations abound in big cities where there are large lots for truck drivers from many industries to eat and rest. Coming at a cost of convenience, station-to-station service vs. door-to-door is a preferable method for those situations where the transport truck driver cannot easily deliver the car, such as in a large downtown area or apartment complex.

Door-to-Station Car Shipping to Minnesota

The option of combining door to station or station to door car shipping is a third option for you to consider. It combines the best of the top two services, depending on where you live and what needs you have for transport. Provided to give customers the most individualized attention, with the need for a trucker station determined by the pick up or delivery address. This option is best when customers are located in heavy traffic areas, such as city centers. When we set up a car shipment to Minnesota, door-to-station delivery is a common strategy in places like downtowns.

Minnesota Car Shipping Methods

The cost of shipping a car to the state of Minnesota when you move is based on several factors, such as your time frame and the way you choose to ship your vehicle. There are a couple of different methods for you to choose from.

open auto shipping to MinnesotaOpen Transport Truck

Using an open transport truck is typically a cost effective option, as it features trucks loaded to max capacity of up to 10 vehicles. You’ll be happy to experience the cost savings that occurs with this reduction of fuel expenses because the cost is split among 9 to 10 cars. When shipping cars to Minnesota, many people choose this safe car shipping method. Plus, many of our transport truck drivers run their routes using open transport trucks like that at the right, similar to those utilized by car dealerships. Sedans, minivans, and SUVs are good candidates for this option.

enclosed auto shipping to Minnesota

Enclosed Transport Truck

Customers shipping their specialty cars and high-end vehicles to Minnesota often choose enclosed transport trucks for their extra security in terms of protection from the elements like rain, mud, and snow, plus this option features a speedier offload time due to the small amount of cars on board. While this car shipping method is almost always more expensive than the alternative, it offers a few advantages over the open transport truck option.

Got a specialty or high-end luxury vehicle? Choose the enclosed transport trucking method to ensure the proper TLC for your car. Check out the picture to your left to see how we load a specialty racing car onto a transport truck.

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