Many people opt to live in Michigan, home to farms and mills, historic sites, wineries and breweries, fine dining and watersports. One of the most cherished places to live in the US, it’s a destination sought after by many couples and families. If you’re considering a move to Michigan, let us take care of the car shipping details. We contract with area transport truck drivers who run common routes frequently through this state and more. We utilize our close relationships with our trusted truck drivers to deliver you with the best possible service, as many of them drive from the East Coast to West Coast all the time, with some going into Canada as well. Examples of major cities where our truck drivers pass include Detroit, Lansing, Flint, and Warren which contribute to reduced costs for shipping a vehicle to the state of Michigan.

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We Offer 3 Car Shipping Services:

car shipping to MichiganDoor-to-Door Car Shipping to Michigan

Of the three car shipping services we offer, the door to door car shipping option is by far our most convenient. We can easily ship a car to any house in Michigan, so don’t hesitate to provide us with the pick up or delivery address once you get our affordable quote. This method is preferable for many due to its convenience. No need to handle logistics. Just wait at home until our transport truck driver arrives to load or off load your car. You’ll see on the right how we perform a residential home car delivery. Choose this efficient form of car transport affords you, our valued customer, the most convenient option. The only thing is, there must be ample room in the street, so our transport truck drivers do not have a problem picking up or dropping off a car.

Station-to-Station Car Shipping to Michigan

Those who live in cramped downtown areas or apartment buildings can opt for this alternative service, where customers can meet up with the transport truck driver at a convenient local station. There are many such trucker parking lots across the US, providing a perfect opportunity for an easy pick up and drop off. The convenience factor is not as great as with our first option, but the station to station option may be necessary if you live on a busy street that our driver cannot easily access.

Door-to-Station Car Shipping to Michigan

Customers’ needs that do not fit neatly into our top two service offerings can take advantage of the door to station (or vice versa) method. Designed to give our customers the option that best suits their needs, we must consider the pick up or delivery address to determine whether or not to use a trucker station. We recommend station pickups and drop-offs for customers living in congested city centers, often times no cheaper or more expensive than our first option, door-to-door car shipping. Door-to-station delivery is common for residences in downtown or city center areas, a wise choice for shipping a car to Michigan.

Michigan Car Shipping Methods

If you want to ship your car to Michigan, calculate the cost of shipping using time frame, trip duration and shipping method.

open car shipping to MichiganOpen Transport Truck

Basically a cheaper method than enclosed trucking, this option is more affordable because our drivers can load the transport trucks to max capacity. Not only does it slash the fuel expenses by splitting the cost between up 10 cars, it’s also an extremely safe and reliable car shipping method. You’ll see to the right what a typical enclosed transport truck which many of our drivers use to ship cars to Michigan, running common routes all over the country. These trucks are exactly what car manufacturers and dealerships use to transport anything from sedans to minivans, posing a cost effective option.

enclosed car shipping to Michigan

Enclosed Transport Truck

Customers who ship a car to Michigan using an enclosed transport truck are usually owners of a luxury car of some sort. Whether shipping a specialty, exotic, or high-end luxury car, you may find it best to select this car shipping, which comes at a higher cost but with many benefits. One advantage over the open transport truck method is the fact that your car is not exposed to nature’s elements, reducing environmental risk. Another advantage is that your car shares space with only 1 or 2 other vehicles inside the truck, cutting down on the time it takes to offload the vehicle.

For highly valuable vehicles, the enclosed transport truck is a good option. The picture to your left shows a specialty racing car being carefully loaded onto a transport truck.

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