Illinois, with its extensive outdoor recreation opportunities such as eagle watching, plus its plethora of museums and historic sites, presents a desirable option for those wishing to move here. When considering how to ship their vehicles, many people choose to ship their cars to Illinois through a trusted method of transport trucking. Our transport truck drivers are always heading through the state of Illinois on their way to and from the coasts, and even into Canada. Your car can hitch a ride with one of these safe and efficient transport trucks to cut down on overall costs to you. Because we have a reliable network of truck drivers who run routes through major cities such as Chicago, Peoria, Springfield, & Bloomington, we can offer this affordable option for our customers who want to ship their car to Illinois.

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We Offer 3 Car Shipping Services:

door-to-door car shipping to IllinoisDoor-to-Door Car Shipping to Illinois

The optional door to door car shipping method presents the most convenience to you, the homeowner. Just provide us with an address after obtaining our affordable quote, and we’ll arrange the pickup or delivery with no burden on you. Sit back and relax at home and wait for our dependable transport truck drivers to arrive. They’ll safely load your car and be on their way. See the home delivery illustrated in the photo to the right. Thankfully, we can ship a car to any house in all of Illinois. You may prefer this option because it offers the most convenience to you. Plus, home deliveries are certainly the most efficient form of car transport that we offer, but only if there is enough room in the street to easily pick up or drop off cars.

Station-to-Station Car Shipping to Illinois

With this service, customers meet up with drivers at mutual locations, such as a trucking parking area or station, many of which abound across the country. Normally, there are large lots where truckers got to get a bite to eat and rest up, especially in big cities. Normally used when the transport truck driver cannot easily deliver the car, pick this method if your home is in a crowded downtown area.

Door-to-Station Car Shipping to Illinois

What if neither of the above two methods appeals to you? You can mix it up a bit and choose a combination deal through door to station or station to door car shipping, featuring the best of both worlds. To meet customers’ needs, this option depends entirely on the pick up or delivery address. For those who live in congested areas, this might be the optimum choice due to limited movability for our transport trucking drivers on the street. Therefore, it’s easier to utilize a trucker station for pickups and drop-offs, often no cheaper than the door-to-door car shipping option. When a customer is planning on shipping a car to Illinois, door-to-station delivery is a common choice.

Illinois Car Shipping Methods

The price tag for shipping a car to Illinois varies by the type of shipping method you choose, plus your suggested time frame.

open transport trucking to IllinoisOpen Transport Truck

The less expensive option, this involves filling up the transport trucks to max capacity, usually up to 10 cars at once. This is not only safe but it’s also cost efficient because it decreases fuel expenses by splitting the cost. Thankfully, many of our transport truck drivers shipping cars to Illinois use a truck similar to the one on the right, just like car manufacturers and dealerships. If you have a sedan, minivan, compact or SUV, this is the type of car shipping you want.

specialty car shipping to Illinois

Enclosed Transport Truck

Those shipping a car to Illinois who require special care for their vehicle usually go with enclosed transport trucks. Got a specialty, exotic, or high-end luxury car? Use this method, which is going to cost you more but affords you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is safe from the elements and only on board with a couple other cars. As a result, offloading time is reduced as well.

Look to your left to see a photo of a specialty racing car being driven up the ramp to an enclosed transport truck. This is your best bet if you are planning to ship a valuable vehicle.


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