If you find yourself facing a move to Alabama, rest easy. We can get your car there quickly and efficiently, with little hassle. Alabama, rich in history and culture, offers so many things for residents to do, from small-town festivals to big-city dining. Don’t hesitate to rely on our many transport truck drivers who run routes through this and other states quite frequently, which allows us to offer expedient car shipping to Alabama. Due to strong business relationships with our reliable truck drivers, who drive from the East Coast to West Coast all the time, we can easily get your car from here to there, and make it easy on your wallet. Some of the major cities our truck drivers pass through include Birmingham, Montgomery, Decatur and many more. In turn, customers are treated to lower overall shipping costs.

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We Offer 3 Car Shipping Services:

car shipping to AlabamaDoor-to-Door Car Shipping to Alabama

With door-to-door car shipping a valued option, it’s no wonder people choose this one most frequently. As long as you have plenty of room in your street for our truck drivers to easily pick up and drop off cars, this is the option that requires the least involvement on your part. Give us the pertinent address information upon receiving your quote from us, then kick back and relax while our drivers get to your house. Our experience transport truck drivers will come to any home in Alabama to make a transfer, a preferable method over others due to its utmost convenience. From the photo on the right-hand side, you can what we mean by a residential car delivery.

Station-to-Station Car Shipping to Alabama

Our station-to-station option is another alternative that may be attractive to customers living in congested city centers. Instead of coming to your home, our drivers will meet you at a large parking lot, centrally located, of which there are many in your area. Who should utilize this service? This is for people living downtown, or in apartment buildings, where streets are narrow and not conducive to large transport trucks.

Door-to-Station Car Shipping to Alabama

Alternatively, you could choose to go with a combination of the above two, with door to station (or vice versa) car shipping service. This one gives our customers the option that best suits their individual needs, with the determining factor reliant on the pick up or delivery address in question. If you live in a heavy traffic area, such as downtown, it may be best to go with station pickups and drop-offs, in whichever combination works for you. No cheaper than door-to-door car shipping, customers living in city centers or in apartment complexes find this combo method works best when shipping a car to Alabama.

Alabama Car Shipping Methods

The cost of car shipment to Alabama and other states is mainly dependent on the shipping method you select when booking service. It also depends on your timeline and when you need the car picked up or delivered.

open car shipping to AlabamaOpen Transport Truck

When you choose the open transport truck method, you are choosing affordability. This option involves the loading of several cars on one open truck, similar to the ones car dealerships use (see right). By splitting the cost of gas between all these customers, we can pass the savings onto you with this perfectly safe and reliable method of transport. Our truckers who ship cars to Alabama often take the same routes throughout the US on a weekly basis. Hitching a ride with one of these trucks can get your car to its destination quickly and efficiently, great for sedans, minivans, and some luxury cars.

enclosed car shipping to Alabama

Enclosed Transport Truck

If, however, you don’t have just any old car and require special vehicular treatment, you want to go with an enclosed transport truck. An example of a customer who would choose this option is someone who owns an antique or classic car, or race car drivers who need to transport their racing vehicle safely to their destination. By enlisting this option, you are making sure your car is securely loaded onto an enclosed truck with just one or two others, out of the elements, which cuts down on environmental risk. Plus, you’ll experience quicker offload time once the car arrives.

In the left-hand picture, we show you a racing car being loaded onto an enclosed truck for safe transport. If you own a high-end luxury vehicle or specialty car, go with this option.



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